The Coded Heirs

Image of The Coded Heirs

With elements of Children of Men, Deus Ex and Douglas Coupland, The Coded Heirs is a sombre but uplifting allegory about the human spirit: its endless capacity for hope, and the bold new forms it may take through technology.
This volume also contains a collection of essays on science, philosophy and pop culture, all thematically related to the preceding novella
2099 - The world is prosperous and hyper-advanced, routinely expanding the definition of human, but doom hangs in the air.
Mimira and Tass are a cybernetically-augmented couple who are struggling to come to terms with an extinction-level crisis around them.
With help from family, strange street performers and a mildly macabre gift, this couple steadily regains a sense of hope in this bleak era.
Through transhuman technology, immortality - not just survival - may be within their grasp.

The Coded Heirs is the copyright © 2019 of Seth Lukas Hynes.